Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Birthdays, like New Year's Day and every Monday, are a time for new beginnings. So what better time to make some resolutions? Here we go:

1) Better nutrition!!! Three days in a row last week I had burgers and fries. And ice cream with two of them. Who am I? I have to fit into my mother-of-the-bride dress in six weeks! I will be religious on posting to My Fitness Pal. (Follow me and help hold me accountable: cathyb624. My food and exercise diaries are open to the public. And you'll think "Wow. She sure drinks a lot of wine.")

2) Start training for the Des Moines (Half) Marathon - held on October 20th this year. I mean seriously training, not the casual "Oh, I'll go for a run (walk) this morning." Following the program I used last year, it will be three days a week minimum - two short runs and one long one each week.

3) Get more biking in!!! As Alex told me this morning, I am really slacking on the biking and I have all those cool jerseys! Plus, the definition in my calves is really going away. Appeal to my vanity, and I'm there. At least once a week this season.

4) Update this blog more regularly - at least a few times a week. I have no excuse not to. And when I post my meals, while I know it's boring, it really helps keep me on track.

5) Drink more water!!! That used to be the one fitness guideline that I never had trouble meeting.

So I'll see you tomorrow - a Monday AND the first full day of me being 58 years old!