Monday, September 23, 2013

And (49) miles to go before I sleep (or run my half)

I guess when I said that I wanted to keep this blog updated and that I planned to do it twice a week, what I really meant was once a month. Oops. I'll try to be better - not that you care, but the reason I started this whole adventure was to keep myself accountable, and it really works best for me if I see it in print.

So last week was my peak mileage training week for the half. My long run this past weekend was 13.2 miles (and remember, "running" to me is fast walking with some jogging thrown in. But as my coworker Marcy says, if I run at all, then I'm a runner). So it was actually longer than a half - and I felt every inch of it. Trust me - if I could have made it be 13 exactly, I would NOT have gone that extra .2 mile. It was the worst I felt during any run ever, and I'm not sure why. I've been hydrating, sleeping well (for me), and - oh wait - eating like crap. Maybe that's it. Hmmmm.... But I didn't give up, and I finished the miles. I saw this on Pinterest (where else) a few weeks ago, and it was my mantra on Saturday:

I am all about the motivational saying. This is one of my favorites, which for me really describes all the hard work that goes into actually crossing the finish line:

In the meantime, I have three more long run weekends - of 8 miles, then 7, then 6 before taper week, and then the actual half. I am pretty excited to run it with my girls! But - I have 49 training miles to get through first, not that I'm counting.

[Okay, totally off the subject, but right now it sounds like I'm living in a horror movie. Quite literally. We have tree guys here, and all I can hear are chain saws and wood chippers!]

And now for some randomness, which really should be the theme of this blog.


I would link to them all, but just go to the App store if you're interested.

Thanks to Erin for finding iSmoothRun. I have used a whole bunch of running apps (MapMyRun, Runkeeper, JogLog, and some others I can't remember) but this is my favorite. The audio feedback is great. I like that it gives me my cadence. If I find myself slowing down (it gives pace too), I try to at least keep my cadence up.

Thanks to Kathy for WaterMinder. She got it for free, but I was so impressed that I actually paid 99 cents for it. I always thought I was drinking enough water, but when it came down to entering my totals, I found out I was short. Who knew? My husband the doctor thinks water intake is grossly over-rated, but I feel better when I drink what is recommended. (Which the app sets as half your body weight in ounces per day).

I know I've told you about MyFitnessPal. Still the best for tracking food.

Pandora. I know it's not a fitness app, but it sure helps on my runs. I was using the Pop and Hip Hop Power Station because the beat is great, but I was getting tired of hearing about booties and BJs. And my kids were making fun of my ringtone. (I thought I was getting "Hey Ya" but I actually got "Yeah". Two different songs!) I switched to 80s Cardio Rock but that just made me want to drink beer in a smoky bar. I am currently using Today's Adult Hits Radio, which is what I'm pretty sure plays at work. LOVE IT!!!


Again, thanks to Kathy. At her house, they had the chocolate-peanut butter mix, but I know I can't have that around - way too easy to eat!!!

Way easier to use for an apple dip than regular PB

And the calorie count is pretty good compared to regular. I'm all about volume!

I picked up some cilantro-lime shrimp from the deli at Costco, and paired it with some Texas Caviar (also Costco.) The portions were pretty large, and it was really good all mixed together.

Spinach artichoke pasta with vegetables, from where else - Cooking Light. And the secret ingredient:

Who would've thought?

I put in extra veggies, and it made a TON and was pretty delicious. I was trying to carbo-load prior to my 13 miles last weekend. I'm not sure that's really a thing - I should just eat like I normally do (when I'm being healthy), with maybe a few more calories the night before.

I have a fun weekend in store - I'm headed up to Aberdeen with my friend Genola as her plus-one for her class reunion since her husband can't make it.That's right, I'm crashing the party. I went to school with the Class of '73 from first through eighth grade, and then I switched to Catholic school for 9-12. My parents had a Catholic education wild hair; not quite sure why because I know Central offered higher level math and science classes than Roncalli did, but I guess I turned out okay. Anyway, it will be fun to see everyone, and if it isn't - well, I'll just hang around the bar with the other spouses! I'm really looking forward to driving around town and seeing all the old spots. Be ready for pictures!

The noises have stopped outside so I should venture out to see how naked our yard looks. I'm a little nervous to see our 9-feet tall burning bush - they were cutting it back to waist-height. Our maple is trimmed, a big yew is gone, as is one of our river birches. Maybe our yard will have some curb appeal now. Time to go get some mums!