Monday, August 20, 2012

Have I been doing it wrong?

I bought some new socks the other week, and when I put them on, I noticed they were right and left-foot specific. Really? Maybe I've been wrong all these years...

It really has been awhile since I've posted, and it's not because nothing is happening. It's because too much is happening! I went to North Bend, Nebraska (the town so small it doesn't have a hotel) last week to play in the three-day State Senior Open. (Fremont, however, does have hotels!) My partner and I tied for third in the team event, and all I can say is thank goodness for Bev. I played okay the first day, and scored just a tad worse on each of the successive days. Bev, on the other hand, played lights out. The pro shop had such a limited selection of women's clothes that we used our credit to buy our husbands golf shirts. "We played so well in the tournament, Honey - here's a shirt for you!"

I haven't been neglecting my training even with all the craziness that is my life now. I only missed one run (really a run-walk, mostly walk) - a four-miler last week. Oh, and I cut a three-miler down to two because it was supposed to rain and I had to mow. (It didn't, I did). My long run for the week was nine miles, which I did on Sunday. The first six miles were really good, and then my body remembered that it has a disc issue. The next mile-and-a-half were pretty hurty, then it got good again, and then the last half mile was not so much fun. I came home and made lunch:

Leftover chicken with cilantro dressing, broccoli, garlic bread, lemonade, a plum, and DRUGS!
I haven't tried too many new recipes, something that I hope will change shortly. I am getting sick of everything I cook. Although I still do love my breakfasts:

Oatmeal with PB, brown sugar, and almond-coconut milk. And coffee.
PB bagel thin, cantaloupe, and juice. And coffee.
Lunches are by far my least favorite meal. Sometimes I just give up:

Most times I rummage and figure out something to do with leftovers:

Leftover salad and chicken in a tortilla with some buffalo sauce
And sometimes I'm even happily surprised, like when I cut up some garden cherry tomatoes and some baby cukes I got from a farm stand, mixed them with balsamic vinegar, a spritz of olive oil, and some freshly ground pepper. Nothing out of the ordinary there; in fact it's so common that we just call it Summer Salad. The surprise was when I cut the corn off a leftover ear I had cooked the night before and mixed it all together. Delish!

With some crackers and 2 mini-babybels
I made an old family stand-by last week for dinner. I can't remember where I got it, but if I had to bet, my money would be on Cooking Light from years ago. Or maybe Better Homes & Gardens. I would always make it when the kids were all home from college and I knew I had to feed a lot of people. It makes a TON, is good hot or cold, and it's pretty delicious. It has the imaginative name of Linguine with Capers, Olives, Tomatoes, and Feta. The recipe calls for a pound of linguine, but last week I used eight ounces, keeping the other ingredients the same.

I did try Halibut with Spicy Mint-Cilantro Chutney. Pretty delicious. Halibut is just so darn expensive; I wish I didn't like it so much!

And that brings us up to tonight's dinner: Turkey, Apple, and Swiss Melt. It was good with some baby carrots and apple slices, but it will be delicious this winter with some hearty soup.

And the number one reason I have been pretty busy lately:

To quote Emily, "Eeeeeeee!!!" The wedding is this weekend! Alex and Aly are coming home from Michigan on Wednesday, the girls are arriving Thursday, and the rest of the family on Friday. It will be a week-o-fun!

Don't worry - I'll tell you all about it next week!

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