Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In need of Xanax

Emily had posted a "You Know You're Marathon Tapering When..." link on her Facebook page, and I can't believe how true almost every. single. bullet point. is. Like being constantly hungry - yep. Cranky from not running - who would have thought? Convinced you've gained ten pounds since you started tapering - hell yes. Every little twinge makes you feel like you've got a race-ending injury? I stubbed my toe on the grocery cart on Monday and had a moment of worry. Obsessively check the weather forecast for race day? Around 50 degrees at 8 AM, with a high of 74 later in the day. Sunny. Wind from the south at 9 mph. 0% chance of precip. The last time I checked. Aaargh!!!!

I did only two miles on Monday and today and wasn't even relieved when I was done. It seemed like such a little bitty bit. I could have gone way longer. As Emily said, "I hope those tapering gods know what they're doing....". I figure I just have to trust all the training miles and hours I have put in. Experts have figured this stuff out. So why the anxiety?

I had such a runner's high after my long walk / run on Friday. Seriously, I was feeling it all day, and even a little bit into Saturday. I was just chattering away, and said to Dwight, "I feel so good now - why can't somebody bottle it and sell it so everyone can feel like this?" And he said, "They have. They're called opiates." Of course he's right: "endorphins interact with opiate receptors to reduce the perception of pain, and are also linked to an increased sense of euphoria and well-being." (source) That Dwight is so smart. It's like he went to medical school or something. But I really do want some more! Guess I'll have to wait until Sunday.

There are 7840 athletes registered for the race. This time I will be one of them! While I did a 5K with the girls a few years ago, and a few Corporate Cup 10K's several years ago, I have been mainly a spectator. I've been at the finish line for Emily, Alex, and Aly for various races, but now I get to be the one crossing the finish line! Dwight and Tom and Erin and Tony will be there for me and Jeanie in our half-marathon and Emily in her full. I am pretty excited!

I've been trying to eat more carbohydrates this week because I know all long-distance runners carbo-load, but all I can think of is this episode of The Office where Michael Scott eats fettuccine Alfredo right before a 5K:

I have consciously not been eating many processed carbs for the last several months (candy corn doesn't count) - dinners are usually lots of veggies and some protein with maybe a bit of carb on the side. Last night I rummaged in the pantry and found a box of fettuccine and some muffalata sauce from Costco and thought it would make a pretty good dinner. It was really tasty, but my tummy was a bit upset. I'm just not used to eating huge amounts of pasta. I think I'll go back to our usual dinners and just add in some more carbs. On the menu tonight: leftover muffalata fettuccine and salmon.

Brreakfast today. Back to the old reliable.
The weather yesterday was absolutely Chamber of Commerce gorgeous. It was in the low 80's with just a hint of a breeze, and the colors were glorious. Of course, it was a training rest day.

The weather today during my run? Yup:

Taken after my workout. I was smack dab in the middle of it during.
So I am all done with my scheduled training walk / runs. The only thing remaining is a 20 minute walk later in the week, not even at speed. Here's to trusting training!

Oh, and another sign of marathon tapering is "your friends / significant other / co-workers run in the opposite direction when you mention the word 'marathon.' " I promise I'll stop soon!


  1. My biggest piece of advice, sign up for the next race before you do the half. Otherwise you will say I am taking some time off and then it is really hard to get back into training mode. It will also help with any post-race blues :)

  2. Good advice - but the racing season is coming to an end here. I think maybe we'll do the Turkey Trot 5K that you guys did last year, if I can talk Emmy (easy), Tony, and Dwight into it. But the Lincoln Half is on 5/5/13, so the four months of training will begin right after Christmas. I'll already be starting ahead of where I was this summer!