Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tail wind out = head wind back. Also, my butt hurts.

Today was my first time on my bike since last season, and it was (mostly) glorious. Well, the first half was glorious, the second half had some moments of sucking. It's a beautiful spring (finally!) day here in Nebraska, with temps in the 70's, and another part of spring in Nebraska, a good 20 mph south wind. I usually try to factor that into my rides so I end up with the tail wind, but I wasn't so lucky today. At the end, I was thinking what gets me through some tough runs - just one step pedal stroke at a time.

I only rode  a little over 14 miles, but the last half took me a full 11 minutes longer than the first. It could be that I haven't been on a real bike in months, that my biking muscles are definitely not the same ones I use for running, or just that I am out of shape for biking. Or all of the above. And you know what else is not in shape for biking? That's right, my butt. But I'm thankful for the chamois in my shorts; it would be really bad otherwise! (On the plus side, though, I got to wear the pretty jersey that Alex and Aly gave me last summer. No, not the one pictured, although I have that one, but a beautiful art reproduction of a Japanese lady doing calligraphy - they gave it to me at the same time that I was doing the calligraphy for their wedding invitations! I seriously looked for a clip of it but couldn't find it. And I am for sure not putting it back on to take a pic because it is in the hamper and I've showered. And also, no one wants to see me in cycling gear unless I am on my bike. Trust me on that.)

I found a new snack, which I suspect is really baby food. I wanted something quick to eat that wouldn't upset my stomach before working out:

Glad I didn't buy a lot of this. I got 50 easy calories, but not wonderful.
We have been living in a fishbowl - almost literally - since Wednesday. It finally stopped raining so the window guys could replace all our windows - which of course necessitated Dwight taking down all the window coverings. At the same time, the siding guys are here. I tell you, I am glad I have to be somewhere several hours a day because there is a lot of pounding. And not only that, but they are all over our house. There was nowhere to go where they couldn't see in! Dwight had a meeting last week and I ate dinner in the basement with the blinds closed. They'll finish up this week, along with the gutter and downspout guys, but in the meantime, this is our patio:

Yes, the first nice weekend of the year. We just wanted to sit out back and have some wine.
Meals have been fairly uneventful. Last night was taco night at our house, served with a black bean-avocado salad (1 can of black beans, 1 1/2 diced avocados, some cumin, cilantro, red onion, and lime juice.) I used ground chicken instead of beef, and with the taco seasoning, you couldn't even tell.

 I mixed it all together today for lunch and served it over lettuce for a great salad.

Favorite breakfast:

Protein waffle, berries, and coffee
Favorite lo-cal dessert:

Diet root beer, light ice cream. Makes a delicious root beer float.

Favorite dessert involving booze:

Dessert martini made by Stevie: Godiva something, Baileys, some other liquor, and chocolate sauce. I may have licked the glass.

I'm off to the card store - we are going to a good-bye party for the daughter of our good friend. Bailey is leaving to be part of the entertainment on a cruise ship for the Alaska voyages. The party will involve karaoke (fitting, as she is quite the singer.) I will definitely be playing the part of "audience member." But this is the first time I can buy and actual Bon Voyage card for someone who is leaving on a ship!

Have a great week!

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