Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'm ready to go:

I pretty much have everything covered: running tights and capris, short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved shirt,  cover up, warmer cover up, throw-away gloves, Garmin, Spibelt, sunglasses, Road ID, headband, sports bra. Oh, and shoes. I had everything all packed then realized I had forgotten to put my shoes in the suitcase! That could have made for an interesting run! 

I know I packed too much - my prediction is that I'll wear the capris, short-sleeved shirt and lighter cover up tomorrow, but just in case, there are warmer clothes. (Like anyone cares. I'm just rambling to pass the time so I don't drive myself crazy!)

Getting pretty excited - and nervous. This time tomorrow I will be enjoying a wonderful post-race meal surrounded by most of our family (minus the Michigan branch). The weather is supposed to be great: 42 degrees at race time, about 10 degrees higher at the finish, 0% chance of precip (phew!), and a wind from the south at about 10 mph. My body feels good, although every little twinge or cough this week had me feeling like it could be season-ending. When we were at the play the other night, the guy next to me kept cough and blowing his nose - I scooted over so far from him that I was practically sitting in Dwight's lap!

[And speaking of the play:

Before the show, just waiting for salvation.

WONDERFUL! Naughty (putting it mildly), profane, but sweet and uplifting at the same time. Does that even make any sense? Absolutely loved it!]

Emmy is cooking us our pre-race pasta dinner tonight, since every restaurant that serves anything with carbs will be full. Dwight said that we'll bring the wine. So basically, we're having pasta, salad, and garlic bread, and the non-racers will have wine.

I'm looking forward to uninterrupted time with my Erin tomorrow, having some Twizzlers during the race, and getting some cool jewelry at the end. Think thoughts of endurance tomorrow beginning at 8 AM CDT!!

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