Sunday, September 7, 2014

what i'm loving - the stuff

I've seen several blogs about favorites, so I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon with some real randomness.

Ever since we've had a baby in the family, I have had Dreft in our laundry room for when the kids visit and need to do laundry. Scent for me is such an evocative sense, so much so that I'll do a random load of OUR laundry in Dreft. The last time they visited, they left a container of Brody's soap:

this smells like love, and makes me so happy

I haven't been putting in the long runs this summer as I've done the past two years because I'm not training for a half-marathon, but I made it out to Zorinsky recently. I do love that place; the woods, the lake, the wetlands, the animals, and the vegetation. I was going pretty slow so thought I'd take some pictures. Next time, I'm bring the good camera. But these are okay for an iPhone...

leaves are starting to turn. winter is coming

I just had my annual mammogram (AOK results) recently and almost turned down the free koozie because we have so many already. But then I looked at it more closely:

it has boobs!

We had a few rain-free hours last weekend, and I was doing some weeding out front, as was the entire neighborhood. I was on my hands and knees, totally engrossed in my own thoughts, when Amy from next door hollered over, "Is your yard growing penises too?". I didn't have my hearing aids in and thought I had misheard, but she certainly had my attention! It turns out that their mulch is growing some fungus that looks just like penises:

These were small ones - I guess they had some Boogie Nights-sized ones. I'm not sure how to ask for the special mulch next year...

One of the women at work asked me if I was doing my makeup differently because I "look so pretty". I seriously had to laugh because I know how it was meant, but I couldn't help thinking how I must usually look like shit.

So that's it for now. What are some of your recent favorites?

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