Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the saddle

this clock is in the middle of the village shopping area

We just spent a week in Pinehurst, doing what we do best - golfing, eating, drinking, and laughing with good friends. Well, I wouldn't say golfing is what I do best, but I'm pretty good at the others. There was a great sale in one of the pro shops, so of course we had to shop during the short frost delay. Dwight now has two new golf shirts from the course where he played his worst round ever. Oh well. It was my best round of the week, and I have a cute windshirt to remember it by.

I'll tell you what is difficult: trying to be healthy while on vacation. I really did try to stick to a somewhat sane eating plan, but it was hard, even with advance planning. I limited myself to two drinks a night, got plenty of veggies, and tried to go easy on the snacks after golf and before dinner. I even took workout clothes, but I didn't plan on the cool weather in North Carolina after it had been so warm here. My running capris and sleeveless tank just weren't going to cut it, even with my cute new windshirt. So I settled for some pushups and crunches.

Let me give tell you about my dinners:

Tuesday was a travel day, and we got to our condos in time for the guys to go grocery shopping while we freshened up a bit. Of course we had to start with some cheese, crackers, and vodka tonics. We then went to our favorite place in the area: Ironwood Cafe. I split a wedge salad with Dwight and then had the pasta special; something involving angel hair pasta and lots of vegetables in a really light olive oil sauce. I would have taken a picture, but the lighting was bad. Oh, and martinis were involved.

Wednesday was still good: we went to a new restaurant that will be added to our regular rotation, Southern Prime Steakhouse. I ordered a shrimp cocktail, a house salad, and some Brussels sprouts that I split with Dwight. The room where we were seated was the "wine tower", where all the walls were FULL bottles of wine in glass, temperature-controlled cases. It was so cool!

four floor-to-ceiling walls of this!

Thursday: well, I started to slide. We went to Ashton's and darn near all of us ordered Stilton Burgers, another tradition. And sweet potato fries. And martinis.

Friday was the first day I had lunch on the course and I just said the hell with it. And the hot dog and sea salt/vinegar chips were delicious. We went back to Ironwood again for dinner, and I had a strawberry salad and grilled steak kabobs. I had two glasses of wine over a period of several hours; thought I'd let Dwight cut loose and I'd be the DD. Such a good wife.

deja vu

I made a trip to the grocery store today so there is no excuse for poor eating. Today has been a good day so far (cereal for breakfast, PBJ and apple for lunch, and string cheese for an afternoon snack.) Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!


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