Friday, April 6, 2012

First road ride of the season

Today was the first time on the road this spring. I've had several rides on the trails, but it was time to hit the highway today. My group of riding friends has been out several times, so I had to make sure of the length of today's ride (20-25 miles) before I said yes. I also had to make sure they were still a no-drop group! At least this year I have GPS on my phone; one year we had to call one of the husbands and describe what the scenery looked like (corn) so he could tell us where we were. True story.

So this is what I think I look like when I'm riding:

oh wait, that's Gina Kerr, pro triathlete

But this is closer to what I actually look like, only sweatier:

Pee Wee's makeup is so much better than mine

We rode 22.2 miles today, with the temps in the mid-high 50's and the wind at around 18 mph. It was unusual, in that we had a tail wind for a time; it's almost a rule that when you turn around and head for home, expecting the wind at your back, the wind switches also. And we had some hills in there just for fun.

from Pinterest, my favorite source for motivational quotes

I woke up at 6:00, when we were meeting at 9:00 for the ride. Granted, it's a 35 minute drive to our rendezvous spot in Waterloo, but there were a few issues I had to take care of ahead of time. Namely, factoring in time for a substantial breakfast, and then to poop. Not delicate, but if you've ever been on a long bike ride, you know there is nothing worse than being out in the middle of nowhere when nature calls. And there is no tall corn to hide in this time of year!

(And speaking of indelicate, I forgot the butt paste. A nicer term is "chamois cream", but it's basically water-repellent ointment that is spread on your area that most comes in contact with your saddle to prevent saddle sores. After my first long day on the road several years ago, I knew EXACTLY where to spread it!)

I ate a PB bagel thin, glass of milk, a banana, and a cup of coffee. I felt perfectly fueled for my ride except at the very end. We were about a mile from where we had parked and I felt like I was almost out of glycogen. I could have reached for the GU in my jersey pocket, but I knew I was minutes away from real food.

We ate at a little sports bar that had a great lunch menu. I had THE BEST grilled chicken salad for $5. The entire table (8 of us) quieted immediately when the food was set in front of us! For dessert, I had a mini Luna bar stashed in the car that totally hit the spot.

After the drive home and a heavenly shower, I needed a little nap. I woke up RAVENOUS, so had a string cheese and some Triscuits. And I still have 1000 calories left for today.

I'm planning on spending most of it for dinner; we're ordering in pizza and watching the Master's. Beer may be involved. Just another exciting Friday evening in the 402.

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