Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One lucky mom

So I went to Des Moines on Saturday and had the best time with Emily! As I mentioned in my last post, she ran a 20K that morning (!) and still had the energy to look cute and WEAR HEELS that night! When I got to her apartment, her best friend was there with a bottle of champagne to help Emily celebrate her race - I had to join them. Then, since Emily was STARVING, we changed into our party clothes and headed to a fun restaurant where we had a few appetizers and an elderflower martini. We then went to the Planned Parenthood event being held at a winery in Des Moines. It was absolutely lovely, with wonderful food and pretty good local wine. It was fun to meet Emily's co-workers on the Board; I am so impressed with the level of commitment and compassion that these young professionals exhibit. We must have done something right as parents. (And how cute do we look?!)

We went out to my favorite breakfast place in Des Moines on Sunday, Waveland. It's become a tradition for us to there whenever we stay over. It is basically a greasy spoon diner with the best food ever. I always get the breakfast special with everything hashbrowns, and this was no exception. When I got home and figured out the calorie count, it came to 750. I'm not surprised at all, but I'm glad that it was both breakfast AND lunch.

I tried a new recipe for dinner on Sunday: Lemony Shrimp with White Beans and Couscous. It took hardly any time at all - maybe fifteen minutes total hands-on. The recipe served four, and the serving size was A TON. Or maybe it was two cups. But it seemed like a whole bunch. Since there were two servings left over, I had it for lunch yesterday and today. I have to say that there might be just too many carbs in that meal. (I don't believe I've ever uttered those words before!) I think I will just use half the amount of couscous the next time I make it, or else I'll use rice, Israeli couscous, or quinoa.

This is in my BIG skillet
It might not look like a lot, but trust me
I woke up yesterday morning and had a nice sweaty walk outside, and came home and made an Abs Diet Banana Split Smoothie. I haven't made one in awhile; do I ever love those.

Last night's dinner was whatever I could find in the freezer: it ended up being a Boboli crust topped with a packet of Boboli pizza sauce, some Italian sauce, and mozzarella. Along with a salad, it made the perfect dinner.

Remember those cute kitties I showed you? Well, they weren't so cute waking me up every forty-five minutes during the night. I got up for good at 5:30 and just puttered until it was time to go to work at the museum. Our Egyptian show closed on Sunday to massive crowds, and the shop looked like a bomb had exploded. We had so much merchandise for so long, and it was absolutely decimated. It was a good day to clean and consolidate.

And that brings us to now. I'm sitting here writing and waiting for ERIN TO COME HOME!! That's right, I get to see both my daughters in the same week! (Missing Alex and Aly though.) We have a fun time planned - check out the reason she's coming home:

We're going to see Hairspray at the Playhouse tomorrow. Our good friend's daughter is in the cast, and both play (and Bailey) have gotten excellent reviews. Can't wait! I haven't decided where to go for dinner; maybe Pitch. She's the only one of our kids who hasn't eaten there, and I know she'd love it. Don't worry, I'll fill you in!


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