Friday, September 7, 2012

11 miles. Done and done.

I DID IT!!! I can write it in all caps now! I'm not gonna lie and say it was easy, because from about mile 9-10.5 I may have whimpered, but I did it! And that half-marathon doesn't seem so out of reach. It was in the mid 60's, overcast, with a strong north wind when I got to Lake Zorinsky, but I figured better that than the oppressive heat and humidity we've been having. And of course, rather than clearing, it started raining a little less than halfway through my walk. It never poured, just a gentle rain, for about an hour. When the trail ran through the woods, I hardly even got wet. But I was wet enough that when I was finished, I was pretty chilled by the time I drove home.

It was a nice walk. For awhile, every time a new song came on, I'd run the first minute of it. I had a nice chat in my head with my mom, telling her how proud she'd be of her grandbabies, and how much she'd love their partners. And I had some company:

I had stopped to use the restroom, otherwise I might not have grabbed my camera. There was a swan that I did not stop to photograph, so the wild turkey picture will have to do.

After a shower and some Aleve, this was lunch:

A two-egg omelet with mozzarella, smoked salmon, half an avocado, and spinach, along with some fresh fruit and coffee. I know, it looks like breakfast, but it was packed with the protein my body wanted. (I had started off the day with a bagel thin - PB on one half, and jelly on the other, coffee, a banana, and some juice - half diet cranberry and half Trop-50). During my walk I had two packets of GU, spaced about an hour apart. I may be figuring out this nutrition angle....

But back to the smoked salmon. It is one of our new favorite finds at Costco:

Another new find, and one that we blew through so quickly that we had to go back for more, is the seaweed salad. I would never have given it a second glance except that it was a sample on treat day. Not only did we go back to the store to buy more, Dwight bought his own container to keep in his refrigerator at work. The only downside is the need to floss after eating - those little shreds of seaweed are pesky!

Look how pretty it is!
Here it is with the Abs Diet Reuben Made Betta
Did you notice the bridal magazine in my lunch photo? Erin is coming home today to attend a bridal fair tomorrow with one of her bridesmaids who is also planning a wedding - and they're letting me tag along. I know they're both hoping to score some of the big prizes - like free photography or flowers!

While I am staying home to attend the bridal fair, Dwight is in Chicago playing in a Member-Guest. It is one of our favorite trips of the year, but how often do I get to go to a bridal fair and talk weddings all weekend? Besides having fun with our friends, I miss sleeping in the green bedroom at their house. I swear, I sleep like there are narcotics sewn into the pillows in that room. Of course Kathy said that maybe that has to do with the wine we drink, but still. And another thing I am missing:

They sent me a picture last night, damn them
Pot roast nachos. They are as unhealthy and delicious as they sound. The base is waffle fries, topped with different melty cheeses (including gorgonzola), chunks of mouth-watering pot roast, and some tomatoes and onions so it sounds healthy. Last year, we decided to wander downtown and wait for the guys to finish golfing. While we were waiting, we had the pot roast nachos as an appetizer. Then, when they arrived, what did they want? That's right - pot roast nachos. Oh well, vacation calories don't count, right?!

Everybody have a great weekend!

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