Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My day as a pirate

Well, I got the eye patch I had wished for:

You can tell the Novocain hadn't worn off; I was still smiling
The whole procedure to remove the chalazion was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. After reading some forums (my first mistake), I was worried that the Novocain shot in my eyelid would really hurt. The ophthalmologist first numbed it with a topical so I barely felt it. I kept waiting for the worst so when it didn't hurt, unclenching my fingers and toes was the hard part.

My second mistake was watching the YouTube video of the procedure. In my mind, I kept picturing the sharp and pointy tools coming DIRECTLY AT MY EYE, but I didn't even see them. It was over in about fifteen minutes. Dwight took me home, I changed into comfy clothes, and went to bed. 

The kids checked up on me throughout the day, but this is what made me snort:

Thank you, Erin!
The eye patch came off after six hours, and that's when it started to get unpleasant. I had a screaming migraine, my eyelid HURT, and it felt like there was sand in my eye - no doubt because the incision was on the underside of my lid. Luckily my optometrist is a really really good friend and he kept checking up on me and letting me whine to him. When I felt my worst, Steve told me to use a cold compress in addition to the handfuls of Advil I was taking, and that saved me.

I need to take an oral antibiotic for the next few days, and since I know how my body reacts to antibiotics, I also need to eat yogurt each day to avoid unpleasant side effects. I love yogurt, so that's not a problem. My friend Jane has been telling me about Icelandic yogurt; I tried it quite awhile ago and didn't really like it, but thought I'd give it another chance. I think when I tried it before I was still doing regular yogurt instead of Greek. This is thicker like the Greek yogurt, and not nearly as sweet as regular. If you're looking for something a bit different, give it a try. I got this when I was at Whole Foods last week, but I know our Super Target has it.

I actually feel much better today, except for the headache. But I don't think the public wants to look at my eye, so I'm staying home from the museum and knitting. What I'm planning today is:

Since my food yesterday mostly consisted of chocolate chip cookies that I had hidden in the freezer to make them more inaccessible (worked so well) and Doritos, I needed to start today off healthy:

HB egg, strawberries, and a Vitatop. And coffee.
Okay, time to go do as little as possible.

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