Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So I've been busy...

All my good intentions of keeping this blog updated are pfffftt ...... gone. But I do have an excuse this time. August 10th was Erin's and Tim's wedding at Oak Hills Country Club! When they told me they wanted an outside wedding, I totally was planning on rain - but I told them to go ahead. After all, our wedding on May 23rd, 1981 was supposed to be outside but ended up at the Holiday Inn where our reception was. In retrospect, perhaps a spring wedding in Grand Forks ND wasn't the best outdoor venue. And then Aly's and Alex's planned outdoor ceremony last August - the only day it rained all summer. We don't have a good track record. But the day was absolutely gorgeous! Temp in the low 80's with a slight breeze. I guess the third time IS the charm!

Look at our beautiful bride!
I didn't take hardly any photos of the wedding (busy being the mother-of-the-bride, you know), but our friends Kären and Al sent some that they took so I got to peek a bit before the professional pix are done. I appreciate everyone else (Aly!) sending me pictures they took. Thanks you guys!

The "before" photo at the salon when Dwight dropped off Jimmy John's for the hungry female half of the bridal party. The guys went out for pizza while we were getting beautified
Erin and Tim look so happy. (Many thanks to Pastor Denny for a beautiful service!)

 And now for two of my favorite photos of the weekend. In this one, Erin is going down to the lake for Tim's first look at his bride, while Emmy is keeping the train from dragging. What a good maid-of-honor!

If you look closely you'll see Emmy's nude platform pumps - and Erin's crocheted blue Tom's
And I have no idea what they are talking about during their father-daughter dance ("The Way You Look Tonight"), but the looks on their faces are priceless!

Love, love, LOVE this!

I'll get back to the healthy lifestyle blog soon, but that's it for now!

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