Thursday, December 18, 2014

i haven't written in so long that i can't even think of a title

We were at a party this weekend when my friend mentioned how much she liked my blog. I got to thinking that I haven't written for so long because I had kind of lost the focus of writing. I first started this blog to help me stay accountable in getting in shape for our son's wedding - because everyone is looking a the mother of the groom, right?! When that goal was (relatively) accomplished, I lost the concentration of this blog. And then one of my friends (who I don't think reads this - at least I hope not!) was talking about how everyone was posting pictures of their food and who wants to see that? Oops. Guilty here. I don't know. Maybe this will just be a journal with a fitness basis. Who wants to read rambling? If you're still here, then I guess you do. (And thanks).

I thought that when I retired from Evereve I would have all this time to, you know, blog and stuff, but somehow that just isn't happening. Within the first few weeks of my being unemployed, we made car trips to Michigan (10 hours one way), North Dakota (9 hours), and Minneapolis (a mere 6 hours). Good thing I get along with my traveling companion. And then I got called back to work an occasional day here and there since I offered to stay on-call as the back-up IS. That kind of bit me in the butt these past few weeks as I was needed to fill in as the IS was recovering from surgery. That's what everyone needs this time of year, right? Just throw something unexpected into the mix during an already stressful time. Good thing most of my shopping was done.

I just reread my previous post and it was all about the low-FODMAP diet. I had just started reintroducing foods and figuring out what bothers me. Well, I think I have a pretty good handle on it, but I guess time will tell. I no longer buy gluten-free bread, I just eat way less of it gluten-containing products than before. Toast at breakfast is just fine, but I won't have a sandwich at lunch on those days. One apple a day is fine, as are a few cocktails (whew)! I think I just have to monitor myself; at least I know how to "reset" things if issues flare up again.

I started a fitness program when it started getting cold outside here and I started getting whiney about having to bundle up. I have been following Sean Flanagan for over a year now, mainly because he is a voice of reason who doesn't advocate miracle weight loss or strength gains. He is all about eating moderately, not eliminating food groups unless medically necessarily, lifting progressively heavier weights, and some cardio to round it all out. Nothing revolutionary there.

I purchased (for $7) his 4-week at-home program, which is actually a 12-week plan since there are four weeks of three different levels. I started at the lowest level even though I consider myself relatively fit, and am I ever glad I did! My quads were on fire that first day, but I can tell it's working since - be prepared to be impressed - I'm up to 25-pound dumbbells (in the middle of week 3) for some of the moves. I read an interview by Anna Quindlen (I think) whom I love, and she said she started weight lifting so she could comfortably carry the case of wine from the delivery man to the kitchen. My kind of woman!

So that's pretty much it, except to wish everyone a Merry Chrismukkah!!

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