Tuesday, May 13, 2014

do they know their mama or what?!

Even though all the kids (minus Tim) were home a weekend ago, I was feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself on Mother's Day because not only did I have no kids, but Dwight was in Bismarck visiting his mom. Until I opened my gift, that is, and actually said out loud, "Oh no they didn't!" And at that very moment (6:45 am) Alex called to wish me a HMD and emphasized that the gift was from all five of them. So thank you to Emmy, Alex, Aly, Erin, and Tim!

And what, might you ask, did they give me? Only something I've been wanting for over a year but just couldn't justify in my head buying for myself. I've done research, read reviews, and asked friends who had different versions of the same toy. When I was showing the girls at work, one of them was surprised that I didn't have one already - that's how well my kids know me.

It looks like a nice black bracelet, doesn't it? You know, something unobtrusive that will go with anything?

I don't know whose arm and hand they used to model it - some old lady,  apparently

But no - it's EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!

a Jawbone UP24!!!!

I have been intrigued with fitness trackers for a while now. I even wore a pedometer when I started working at the museum since I was on my feet all the time - I figured I'd be w-a-y over the recommended daily 10,000 steps. Well, no. Unless I was playing golf (I walk when I play instead of riding a cart), I didn't come close.

I thought it might be different now since I'm putting in more pavement miles, and my job is still anything but sedentary. Yesterday was my first full day of wearing it. I ran 1.8 miles before work (our neighborhood perimeter), worked all day, and when I was leaving Hot Mama I was only a little over 5000 steps. Srsly.

I ended up with a total of 6,463 steps yesterday. It would have been more because by god give me a goal and I will reach it, but Dwight got home from NoDak and we needed to have a cocktail (or two) and sit and visit and catch up on the past five days. That really cut into my activity. Too bad it doesn't track how many times I lift my hand to take a drink!

So today I figured I'd get a 3-mile run in before work, which really upped my number of steps. By the time I left work today, I was around 8,000. So I came home and mowed (double-cut!), and look where I was when I finished:

go me!!!

One of the reasons I resisted buying myself one was because I knew it would tell me to get off my ass and get moving and I knew that I needed to do that. Maybe it's my science background, but seeing those numbers is a real motivator! But for someone who is fairly active, like I am most days, it's a real eye-opener to see how I really need to make a conscious effort to get those steps in. I can't imagine if I was a sedentary person. Get up and move, people!

Another thing this little toy does is track how I sleep, which is pretty crappy most of the time, I think. It goes by movement, with the more movement being the lighter sleep and the less movement being the deeper, with deeper being the most restful. Duh. It turns out I am in sound sleep and light sleep almost the same amount of time, with longer stretches of deep sleep earlier in the night. I'll have to track this for awhile and report back. Just something else to think about for now.

Okay, enough with the "fitness", let's move onto food:

A favorite new snack:

you can get these guys at Target

just like licorice! only they're made of fruit!

A favorite old snack:

I used to like Sabra hummus best until my friend Kathy turned me on to Trader Joe's, but we were out so I had to settle

My Mother's Day breakfast (that I had to cook myself, wah-wah):

sauteed mushroom omelet, berries, bacon


reuben made betta from the Abs Diet cookbook, and a salad of cukes and grape tomatoes tossed with really good balsamic vinegar and drizzled with olive oil

Dinner tonight was so random. I was hungry for steak and we just happened to have some in our freezer (that I had thawed in anticipation). I was going to bake sweet potatoes and roast some cauliflower, but ended up roasting sweet potato rounds and making Indian cauliflower. Random, but delicious!

And that's it for now - have a good night!

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