Wednesday, May 21, 2014

first-world problems

So I'm sitting on the porch on a beautiful May evening writing this on my (new-to-me) laptop. That's right, I have my very own laptop - the last person in my family to own one. (Also the last person in my family to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B, so I guess no sharing dirty needles for me. But I digress). Dwight had not one but two MacBook Pros, one that he loves and uses all the time, and a secondhand one that he was using for movies - all the ones we had taped from years and years and years of old movies on TV. He's editing them all to remove commercials and making them so we can play them on our Apple TV. I know - it's all magic to me too. So guess which computer I got? Yup, the second-hand one. But seriously, what do I really need? It's fine for blogging on the front porch and syncing my phone.

We actually had to get me one because since I upgraded the iOS on my phone, it wouldn't sync with the version of iTunes that we had on our desktop Mac. So rather than upgrade iTunes, which Dwight for some reason did not want to do (he told me why but I wasn't really listening), we had to get me a computer. That's right - so I could sync my phone. #firstworldproblem. Sometimes I wonder about that guy, but not for long. After all, I got a computer!!! It was tough for a few weeks being unable to switch up my playlists on my phone, but I'm back in business. So send any good running tunes my way!

And speaking of technology, we have a few other firsts. I swear that we are the last family in America, but for Christmas, Dwight gave me - are you ready for this - a cordless phone!!! Really. We were attached to the wall by a 10-foot cord whenever we used our land line. And yes, we still have a land line. I didn't even know how to use a cordless phone - if I was at someone's house and the phone rang, I couldn't answer it because I didn't know what to do. When I started at Hot Mama, I needed a lesson on how to use the phone. I'm sure my poor manager was wondering about this Luddite that was her new inventory specialist. I was okay with the computer, but the phone?!?!?

Now don't be jealous, but we got ourselves a refrigerator with an icemaker last week. That's right, no more twisting cubes out of the trays for us. Movin' on up, I tell you. Actually, the reason we had to get a new fridge after only six years is because our GE Profile-stainless french doors-bottom freezer-everything-I-wanted broke.

look closely at the freezer temp. not even close to zero. and the fridge was gasping for breath

While of course the 25-year-old POS sitting in our garage is working just fine. We went with a Samsung that has the same features (plus the aforementioned icemaker!) and actually has a bit more space. Because, you know, two people need so much fridge space. #firstworldproblem

We sound like we live in the Stone Age, but we don't really. We have had a home computer (what they were called!) since 1985, and we got one of the first CD players. I remember going to work and telling people we had gotten one, and when one of the guys asked what it was, I said "Well, it's something to play music on. The CD is like a little record album, and I'm pretty sure it involves a laser". My kids don't call me TechnoCathy for nothin'.

And how about the laser disc player? You remember those. Oh, you don't? Didn't think so. They were going to be the next big thing after VCRs - until DVDs came along. Oops. Missed on that one. Having to get up in the middle of the movie and turn the disc over was a pain. #firstworldproblem. But our kids could help their teachers work the classroom laser disc players since they were the only ones who knew what one was. Sorry, guys. But is has given you ammunition to use for years to come.

Just another day in the 'burbs. TTFN
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