Saturday, May 26, 2012

Avoiding GI trouble details. You're welcome.

I thought I'd get out and work in the gardens this morning before the 95 degree heat with humidity to match really kicked in. After 80 minutes, this girl needed some air-conditioning.

Erin sent both Dwight and me this eCard last week; it would be funnier if it weren't totally true. When I used to take aerobic classes (remember those?!) at the Y, any time there was a new person she would invariable ask me if I was okay. Apparently when I get hot I look like I'm about to have a heart attack. I didn't want to make the graduation partygoers who were headed down the street today feel as if they needed to call 911.

It's been a busy week. We spent several days in Bismarck; had a wonderful visit with Dwight's mom and sister. As we were driving across North Dakota, I wondered what the pioneers thought when they hit the prairie. I have lived all my life (with the exception of six years in St. Paul and a brief 19 months in Ohio) on the Plains - North and South Dakota and now Nebraska. I love the wide open spaces, but wonder what people who are unaccustomed to such openness feel.

Being raised in Bismarck, Dwight knew a good walking route around one of the golf courses. We did one circle one day, and two the next. I swear it was uphill all the way. By the end of the second circle, I was pretty much hating the workout, but after a shower my body decided that it felt great. We both had MapMyFitness open on our iPhones, and both started at the exact same time. Dwight's said we went 4.9 miles, while mine said we went 6.7. Apparently I have the good self esteem app. This could make that half-marathon a bit more difficult.

I have been eating pretty strangely since we got home. Without delving into TMI territory too deeply, I have been having some GI issues. I would attribute it to eating sauerbraten, red cabbage, and potato dumplings, except that I have been feeling kind of icky for a few weeks. Instead of thinking that it was probably a virus, I jumped right into lactose and/or gluten intolerance. Damn you, Web MD. No cheese or bread?! Which would be worse? I woke up today feeling somewhat back to normal, so apparently it WAS just a virus. God forbid I should deprive myself.

You can see what I've been eating; notice the lack of anything green. It made my tummy feel just too icky to think of anything remotely resembling a salad. And apparently, I love watermelon, which is very true. One good thing about having three late summer babies was the abundance of watermelon. I bought one at Sam's, and it is SO SWEET. It is also almost gone, so I need to make another trip there, but Memorial Day weekend just wouldn't be a good time.

Dinner the night before we left. Trying to use up stuff in the fridge.
Berry protein smoothie
See? Boring. But unlikely to make my tummy hurt.
Oats in a jar. Yes, we go through a lot of peanut butter.
Dinner of basmati rice, watermelon, and cast iron tofu. (A new fave.)
Lunch the next day. So imaginative.
Breakfast today. I'm feeling back to normal.
New find. Delicious.
One serving = 160 calories. I had this with some baby carrots for lunch, but may have the other half for a snack this afternoon.
To leave you with a smile: this is our grand-dog, Ella, after bounding through the waves of Lake Michigan to retrieve her tennis ball. (On the best day of her life, as Alex said!) I could attach the video of her attacking the waves, but I don't want to be THAT person. (But it seriously makes me happy.)

Mmmm...wet dog smell
Alex caught her drying off. Cracks me up every time.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend; here's wishing you sun, relaxation, and tennis balls galore!

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