Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have had a really busy week, and rather than going through day by day (boring), I thought I'd just throw everything at you. Who doesn't like lists?! Organized alphabetically, of course.

1.  Auto Glass. Yes, auto glass. A semi kicked up a rock that chipped my windshield, so I went to have it repaired at Metro Glass yesterday. They were at a critical point in the installation of a 300 pound windshield in an RV and asked if I could come back in an hour since all the employees were helping with this task. And because I was willing to come back, they would do it at no charge. Seriously, if you live in Omaha and need any auto glass replaced or repaired, go to Rich and his staff. They're at 88th and L. I took two dozen gourmet cookies from Kristen's Cookies in today as a thank-you, and the receptionist started crying. She said I didn't need to do that. Well, they certainly did not need to do what they did yesterday.

2.  Bike Ride. I went on a shortish ride today, but as there was a 20 mph south wind, I felt that I got a great workout. Since it was slow-going against the wind, I decided to stop and take pictures of this great mural on one of the underpasses that I have been admiring for months. I thought it was a very talented graffiti artist, but when I stopped to actually look at it, I saw that it was done by Kent Bellows Studio, a local center for visual arts. Keep in mind that I stopped at the bottom of the underpass, giving up any momentum I had gained from the downhill. You're welcome.

3.  Breakfasts. Mmmmmmm.... I felt like getting fancy last Friday so made eggs and Canadian bacon, along with fruit and some mint from our garden as a garnish. Because we're classy like that.

Today was just a container of Chobani, 1/4 cup of dry oatmeal, and some blackberries. The dry oatmeal sounds kinda gross, but if you mix it up and let sit for a minute, it isn't dry at all. The yogurt is nice and thick and takes a long time to eat, which allows the fullness messages from my stomach to get to my brain. Sometimes there is a short in that circuit.

4.  Costco. You can imagine my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the next few days. Enough said.

5.  Fun Bus. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a golf outing down to Firekeeper Golf Club, which is by Topeka, KS. Imagine sixteen people (three women and thirteen men) in an RV for three hours. (A three hour tour?)  We left at 8:00am, arrived around 11, had lunch, then played eighteen holes on a not-so-easy course. We had a lovely dinner, and then because the course is on an Indian reservation and there is a casino, we had 45 minutes to spare before we headed home.

Oh yeah.
AND my team took second.

6.  Greek Yogurt. I have always been a Chobani fan, after trying Fage and not really liking it. Erin told me about the Key Lime Oikos, and I am a convert. This stuff is delicious! I figure if both Erin and John Stamos say it's good, how can I go wrong?! I have two cartons of Chobani in the fridge to eat, then I am trying some more Oikos.

7.  Lincoln Marathon Prep. Emily came home last weekend to run the Lincoln Half-Marathon. What better way to prepare than a pretty blue margarita? (Okay, that was Friday night and the race wasn't till Sunday. She did her carbo-loading the next day.)

8.  Lincoln Marathon Race Day. You can read Emily's recap here, but the smile on her face says it all. While not quite as fast as she had hoped, she did set a PR; nine minutes faster than her last half-marathon. The finish line was the 50-yard line at Memorial Stadium; pretty cool for a Nebraska girl.

Every time I've been at a big race event, I am so inspired by the athletes. The hours and hours of training through all kinds of weather and injuries is amazing. I'm hoping that when I'm doing the Des Moines Half in October that someone looks at me and thinks, "If she can do it, so can I."

9.  New Recipe. I made a Leek and Goat Cheese Quiche that was easy and tasted pretty amazing. My quiche pan is 9-inches, so I made it in that instead of the 8-inch one called for. I don't think it made one dot of difference. The recipe serves four, so you get a pretty hefty serving.

again with the mint
10.  Pretty. Emily has a friend who makes stamped metal jewelry. My mom used to tell the kids "I love you more than all the world," and look what she had her friend make for me for Mother's Day:

I absolutely LOVE this. It says "more than all the world"
I think it looks great with the bracelet that Dwight bought me in Santa Fe last year. (Two years ago?)

Ack! Old lady skin!

Well, that's about it. TTFN!

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