Thursday, May 3, 2012

I hope I don't get stopped for a traffic violation...

...because I weigh less than what it says on my driver's license for the first time since oh, EVER!!! Maybe there IS something to this eating more to weigh less. My friend Tom reminded me that muscle weighs more than fat so I shouldn't be fixated on numbers. I'm really trying. But have I mentioned I WEIGH LESS THAN WHAT IT SAYS ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE?!?!?!

Okay. I'm better. It was another Sleepless in Omaha night due to the second night in a row of thunderstorms and me being a light sleeper. And middle-aged. I finally gave up and got out of bed at 4:30 and wrote a blog post that disappeared when I had to restart the computer because my mouse connection was lost. What about the "automatic save" feature on Google Blogspot? It may be your luck; I may be more coherent now with several cups of coffee and some food in me.

This week has been pretty dull, which is okay since last week was so hectic. But wonderful - I loved having the house full of pets and kids. We didn't get to see Emily, but she is coming home to run the Lincoln Half Marathon on Sunday. You know how I will be spending Sunday morning! And speaking of running, congrats to Erin for running a 5K last night. We seem to be doing okay for a family of non-runners. Well, except for Alex, Mr. Marathon / Ironman. He's the only one to which it comes naturally.

So back to the mundane: MONDAY'S workout was a long walk. MapMyFitness says I walked at a 5 mph pace, so either it's lying or I am getting faster. I choose to believe the latter. I've also added some heavier, more regimented weight-lifting into my schedule. Okay, I made a chart. Dork.

For Monday's lunch I had an apple and gouda cheese sausage link and an apple. I guess I was working on a theme. I would have taken a picture, but I was just too hungry to wait.

Afternoon snack was an Abs Diet Banana Split Smoothie (mmmm...) and a hard-boiled egg.

Dinner was Garlicky Baked Shrimp, a Real Simple recipe that I have made before. Still awfully tasty, served over brown rice with a side of broccoli.

I tried something new for TUESDAY's breakfast: Erin has been telling me about VitaTops, found next to the Eggos in the freezer section. I bought the Cranbran and love them. They are basically muffin tops, with only 100 calories. (There I go with the numbers again). Strawberries, a hard-boiled egg, and some juice finished the meal. Last week I was telling Aly how much I loved orange juice but haven't been drinking it because it had - wait for it - too many calories. She suggested I try Trop 50, which I mixed half and half with diet cranberry juice. Delicious! It would be good splashed with some club soda, too. And maybe some vodka. But not for breakfast. That would not be a good lifestyle choice.

I knew I would be running errands after work before I got home, so I planned ahead. I packed Alex's old Ninja Turtle lunch box with a piece of string cheese, Guava Goddess Kombucha, and a new (to me) flavor of Luna Bar: Peanut Honey Pretzel. It was as delicious as it sounds, even if I ate it in the car while driving. And talking on my cell phone, texting, and putting on my makeup. Kidding!

I thought it was pretty satisfying, but I must have been wrong because by late afternoon I was famished. I had a package of cashews and a handful of frosted mini-wheats.

Dinner was another recipe I've made before: Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce. Only I used whole wheat spaghetti and added some chicken.

And because we needed to make room in our freezer for some steaks we had ordered, I had a serving of Edy's Light Fudge Tracks ice cream. While watching The Biggest Loser. Really.

Tuesday's exercise was several hours of gardening. Not too aerobic, but I sure worked up a sweat toting bedding plants, bags of potting soil, and mulch. (I just wrote "potting soul" by mistake. That's how I feel when my hands are in it.)

WEDNESDAYS's breakfast was boring, but exercise was fun. It was the first day I was able to golf in our league, and a five-mile walk with girlfriends, coupled with as many times as I have to swing made for a good day. Any time I can break 100 is a good day, and yesterday was a good day.

haven't seen this before, have you?
Our pub just got a new menu, and I tried a new salad. It's mixed greens, topped with gorgonzola, shredded asparagus, pears, and caramelized walnuts. It was delicious and I'll order it again, but next time I will ask for the dressing on the side. I usually do, but this came pre-tossed so I thought I'd try it as is. It got a little too dressing-y for me when I got to the bottom.

I mentioned the steaks that we get. We have a supplier (sounds like a drug dealer; I don't ask questions), but you can order on-line. We get the 8-ounce filets, but there are other cuts. They come from Sioux City and are the best steaks I have ever eaten. And I live in Omaha, where we know steaks. We rarely eat red meat - maybe once a week - but due to having our supply replenished, we had steak last night, served with some leftover roasted veggies and half a baked sweet potato. The sweet potato was redundant, so after a few bites I was done. Oh, and more ice cream for dessert. We really can't have it around because I am weak where it is concerned.

This morning's breakfast: VitaTop, a banana, and lots and lots of coffee. I'm either going for a long walk or bike ride, depending how things dry out from the rain. I really don't want a stripe up my back.

Have a great day!

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