Monday, May 28, 2012

I love long weekends

Although one could argue that every day for me is a weekend, and one would be correct. But on official weekends and holidays, Dwight is also home. And I use that term loosely, because he's usually at the golf course. He did not have a tee time yesterday, however, so we decided to go to the Farmer's Market at Aksarben Village.

This is as good as it gets with my iPhone camera
My favorite husband AND my favorite cupcake shop!
The stalls were lovely; such a selection of produce! We came home with our share of goodies: tomatoes, leaf lettuce, kohlrabi, green beans, radishes, kale, and some goat cheese produced by a local cheese maker.
A rainbow of goodness
I promptly made a Big Salad for lunch, supplemented with some deli ham we had in the fridge. On the way home we realized that we should have bought a baguette, so I made do with a Flat Out wrap sprinkled with some swiss cheese and broiled.

We had dinner with friends last night, in payment for Dwight helping remove their cooktop in preparation for their granite getting laid. It was fabulous - steak, baked potatoes, salad, and grilled veggies. I didn't take a picture, but it looked (and tasted) as good as it sounds.

I got up and went for a nice bike ride this morning. I haven't been riding nearly as often as I'd like this year; I guess I fell back in love with walking. But I noticed that I'm losing the definition in my calves and triceps that came from long miles in the saddle, so I need to get out there at least once a week this summer. My legs were absolutely dead for the first three miles, but then they came alive and I felt fabulous. Talk about a crowded trail, though - everyone had the same idea as I did.

Ham and cheese with a side of green beans
We were supposed to golf this afternoon but our friends had to cancel, and we sure didn't want to play as a twosome on a day where the tee sheet was packed. I hate waiting, and we would have been waiting on every shot. So we cancelled, and I took a nap. I think I win.

My after-nap snack
Almonds are good for you!
AND you get a decent amount
Dinner tonight will be at the graduation party next door; I have known that child before he was born. Do I ever feel old!

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