Monday, February 11, 2013

Everyone's diet starts on Monday

Every Monday is like a mini-New Year's Day. All resolutions start again. Actually, I am pretty good on the nutrition and activity front Sunday through Friday about noon, and then Friday night and Saturday just undoes all the hard work I've been doing. I wish I knew the answer as to how to fix that.

I had to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself last week, after I had french fries not once (which would have been okay) but twice the weekend before. And a fair amount of alcohol was consumed as well. What do I think I am - in college? Ugh.

I did survive the weekend relatively unscathed, so maybe the little chat I had with myself helped. What really helped was having a sick husband all last week so I only cooked for myself, and that was mostly the Weight Watcher's soup. This week will be a bit more of a challenge as we are going out with friends on Friday, and then having a dinner party for ten here on Saturday. Somehow, I don't think I can get away with serving vegetable soup.

Aly was in Lincoln this past weekend to visit her family, and she and her mom and sister made the trip up to Omaha to do some shopping. I was able to join them for lunch - it was so nice seeing all three of them. I love how our family just keeps getting larger!

Favorite daughter-in-law!
We had lunch at Bravo, and they have a new light menu (or "diet menu" as our server called it):

I had the Flatbread Roma and the field greens salad, all for the grand total of 510 calories. I ate about 3/4 of each, so it only came to 383. There is something about filling up with volume, because even though the calorie count was relatively low, I was pretty full.

My afternoon snack was a package of cashews, and then I made grilled veggies and some sauteed cod for dinner. I really need to learn how to cook fish better, otherwise there would be a picture. I had some popcorn - my new go-to snack is Skinny Pop Popcorn from Costco. You get four cups for 155 calories, and it tastes GOOD.

Breakfast today was the usual: PB bagel thin, some Trop 50, and all the blackberries we had in the fridge. It's time to go grocery shopping today.

It's supposed to be warmer and less windy later, so an afternoon run is on the schedule.

Just a quick update on the hockey weekend:

We dropped in at the Mattress Factory, since the UND alumni association had said that would be Sioux headquarters both days pre-game. Look at all the green! And this is an OMAHA bar! Both floors were jam-packed with UND fans. We were hoping to see someone we knew, but made some new friends anyway.

I love free trinkets. In addition to pom poms, we got beads.
The indoor game was rocking Friday night! The funniest chant, started by some UNO fans, was "We have a mascot!" alluding to the fact that UND is no longer the Sioux. They are just called "North Dakota" for the time being. Stupid NCAA.

The ultimate fan. We practically had to show our season tickets to get the Go Mavs finger!
Kirk picking Dwight's nose with his giant foam finger
Saturday's outdoor game, while a good idea in theory, just didn't work as expected. For one, it was so warm that the sun affected the afternoon's junior hockey game. The sun heated up the dye for the blue line, and the kids were tripping over it or actually jumping across it. 

We came down for the what was supposed to be late afternoon game, but the 4:00 start was postponed until 6:30. They wanted the sun to set and the ice to firm up. The Sioux fans that we talked to the night before were excited that the game would be played where the College World Series is played - TD Ameritrade Park. 
I had Sioux gear on under my red jacket. Hey, I live in Nebraska. You need red outerwear here.
 So it's 11:30 now, and the roofing guys were supposed to be here between 10 and 11 to do some work; time to make a phone call.


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