Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hansel and Gretel are Homaha

I have been MIA lately - we have been in Bismarck, North Dakota visiting Dwight's family. Door-to-door is 615 miles of mostly this:

Now, my mother-in-law is a wonderful cook, but she IS from Germany and only cooks German food. She did her best to properly fatten us up before she sent us home:

Oxtail soup with a sandwich of pepperoni, two kinds of cheeses, pickles, and ketchup

Cinnamon rolls

Linzer torte

German "pancakes" with swiss cheese and white asparagus

Rouladen, which as Alex says, is "meat wrapped in meat". Ron Swanson would approve.

Rouladen, red cabbage, and potato balls

Black forest cherry cake
Sauerkraut, spareribs, and spaetzle
Breakfast at the hotel. The orange was for later.
 While we had a really nice visit, it was good to get home and back to eating (relatively) healthy:

Breakfast today was an orange, Greek yogurt, granola, and coffee

Lunch was grilled cheese and Campbell's Tuscan style chicken and white bean soup

Afternoon snack: banana and Justin's chocolate almond butter

Dinner: big salad with shrimp, peppers, and goat cheese and a ciabatta roll with Tuscan artichoke spread. (Hmm...must be Tuscan day at our house. The spread is part of a Napa Style gift box from Jeanie and Tom - so good.)

Not only did we eat healthier, but we both logged some treadmill miles today. FELT SO GOOD!!!

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