Friday, February 8, 2013

Hockey weekend in Omaha

We are hockey fans at our house - after all, we both graduated from UND (when they were the Fighting Sioux, stupid NCAA.) Only Michigan has won more national titles than North Dakota. And as my sorority house, which was farther from campus than any other house, was virtually across the parking lot from the Winter Sports Arena, many a Friday and Saturday night were spent cheering the boys on. (Of course the team was pretty crappy when we were there, but it WAS nearby, and when it's 35 below zero, a close walk is appreciated.)

When UNO started a program here, we were inaugural season ticket holders and members of the Blue Line Club for several years until they switched venues, from the small, decrepit Civic Auditorium to the spacious new Qwest (now Century Link) Center. After one season there, we gave up our tickets. It was TOO big, and even though attendance is routinely around 8,000, that's pretty sparse in a 14,000 seat arena. However, once UNO joined the WCHA, and word got out that they will be building a new, smaller rink, we re-upped again last year. (We want to be in line for good seats, you know!) So that brings us to this weekend - North Dakota is coming to Omaha, and I have to decide what to wear:

Tonight: white tee shirt, green Sioux coverup, UND fleece

To make it even more exciting, tomorrow afternoon's game will be outside! After the skating nationals were here the other week, they moved the practice rink over to TD Ameritrade baseball park. I told Dwight I wasn't going if it was cold, but as the temp is supposed to be around 50, he will have a date after all. I'm thinking he's not going to need the hand warmers that Santa put in his stocking this Christmas. (Apparently the warm weather isn't a concern for the ice, but rain is. It's supposed to stay dry here until Sunday.)

A small dilemma for tomorrow: we are invited to the UNO President's Reception prior to the game. I think it will be the Sioux tee under the UNO jacket. Dwight sure as hell won't be wearing his UND hockey sweater. However, it is big enough that he can wear it over his jacket, so we'll just stop by the car on the way to the game. I bet there will be pictures!

Food has been really boring this week. I made a big batch Weight Watcher's vegetable soup with double the veggies (but no zucchini) and have been eating that every day, sometimes twice a day.

If you've ever been to WW, you know this is the first recipe they give you

Dwight had a nasty virus since Monday and was as sick as I have ever seen him. I made him some chicken soup, but he barely ate any. Luckily, today he woke up feeling almost himself, so it's game on.

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