Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good underwear makes a difference

I was about half a mile into my 5.5 miles today and realized I had worn the wrong underwear. (Laundry day at home - bottom of the drawer for me.) It was the first nice day this spring (got up to 72!), so everyone in southwest Omaha and surrounding areas was at Lake Zorinsky this afternoon. Crossing the 168th Street bridge, which is so narrow it's single file only, looked like those pictures of traffic jams on Mt. Everest, only without the elevation. Or parkas.


So with all those people on the trail today, once I realized that my underpants were becoming one with a certain part of my anatomy, I was going through all kinds of gyrations so as not to be obvious what I was doing. I would like to see any surveillance footage, though, because it was NOT a normal stride! But I learned a valuable lesson. So in case you're wondering, my faves are Soma's vanishing edge panties. They're expensive, but it's always buy 3, get 2 free. I discovered them once I stopped wearing mom jeans - skinny jeans are not nearly as forgiving. And these really work. No VPL.

In case you haven't stopped reading yet, here is some more favorite workout gear:

Sports bra:  I like C9 by Champion, which are on sale this week at Target. And I will be buying some. Emily is a big fan of Old Navy's, but they are too just "restrictive" for me.

Socks: I buy expensive socks. I will buy socks that cost $15 a pair. Pretty much every brand has good running socks: Asics and Nike are what I have now, and I love Smartwool when it's cold out. I made the mistake early in my running "career" of using socks that came in a six-pack, and they rubbed my toes raw with their rough seams. I admit it, I'm a sock snob.

Bottoms: I wear capris to keep everything contained. If I wore shorts, there would be so much friction I could start a fire! Plus, the noise of my thighs clapping would be distracting. Anyway, I was exclusively a Nike person until Emmy gave me a pair of Old Navy capris last year. Every bit as good at half the price. In the cold weather, I have some Lululemon tights that I love, as well as a pair of from Athleta.

Tops: When it's hot, I wear as little as possible without embarrassing myself or grossing anyone out, namely tanks with an x-back. (Makes for interesting tan lines, but it's not like I put on a swimsuit ever.) Under Armour makes some nice ones, and I just got some at Costco as well. For short-sleeved ones I like Under Amour, and they have to be sweat-wicking. (Sweaty girl, you know). I have quite the collection of pullovers / jackets for when it's cooler: Under Armour, Old Navy, Gap, North Face, Target... And a LS Lululemon top that Alex and Aly gave me for Christmas that I love. (That Alex makes such good fashion decisions...)

Headbands: Bondi bands heavy sweat wicking. They keep the hair and sweat out of my eyes.

So all that was way more information than you wanted or needed, right? Any other questions?

I had planned on doing 7.5 miles, but I have been sick for the past two weeks and didn't want to push it, since it's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow and I plan on getting out for a few miles after work. One of my friends had a Facebook status that she was feeling very tired and under the weather today; I could have written that every single day for the past fourteen days. (A friend asked me if I had gone to the doctor and I told her no, because it was just a cold. She said don't be too sure; her daughter went and it was influenza A. That explains a lot, if that's the case - although I wouldn't have done anything differently except whined more.) Other than coughing (still), I only feel the normal aches from walking 5.5 miles. (Or as my friend who is training for a full marathon would call it, a warm-up.)

Ignore the red face - just look at the (semi-frozen) lake behind me - and bare ground!!! And 68 degrees!!!

You know who else is hurting? My husband, who golfed eighteen for the first time in several weeks, walking and carrying a long, hilly course. He was whimpering when he got home and said he had the Alex Effect. Our son is in the best physical condition of anyone I know. This kid has played soccer since he was four, playing all through college, has completed several half marathons, a full marathon, a bunch of triathlons including a Half Iron Man, and works out religiously. Yet every spring, he says the hardest thing for him is to walk and carry those eighteen holes that first time after a winter off. 

So it's Aleve for both of us tonight. Dwight has called dibs on the Jacuzzi - good thing I used it when I got home earlier than he did!

Have a great week!
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