Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Motivation Monday a day late

I had planned on writing last night, but after a 4 (okay, 3.6) mile walk after work, I was just too sore to do anything but lie on the couch and whimper. This happens every spring when I am achy after those first few outdoor runs, rounds of golf, bike rides, what have you. It makes me realize what good shape I was in heading into the winter!

While my muscles feel sore (in a good way), what is really killing are my toes. Specifically, my big toe and the one next to it on my right foot. Did my feet grow during the winter? I bought new shoes last fall. The pressure of the sheets on my toes kept waking me up, seriously. I am obviously doing something wrong. I cut the toenails back to nothing this morning, hoping that's the problem. (While I love getting pedicures, I pity the poor nail tech. I go to the same one, though, she doesn't think anything about leaving my callouses and cutting my nails really really short.) Wow. Way more than you wanted to know, right?!

This is after my first half-marathon. Ew. They were better last year. Don't wanna know what they look like under my polish now.
Anyway, for the motivation referenced in the title: I went to Emily's blog, The Swallow Flies, yesterday morning to check a recipe so I could pick up the ingredients on the way home from work. She usually posts every evening and I catch up with her then, but she snuck one in yesterday morning. I was a bit surprised to see my face looking at me.

As she mentioned, I did lose a whole bunch (45 pounds) of weight several years ago, and it will be a blog post soon, but for now, knowing that I am an inspiration to her on her fitness journey makes me feel pretty darn good.

And as the weather was gorgeous yesterday, it was time to look summery. Everyone at work was wearing open-toed shoes!

Baseball tee ($38) and tank ($28) by Color Thread. Get 'em at your nearest Hot Mama or shopmama.com

And since I am an inspiration to Emmy (who inspires ME), I decided to make a green smoothie to take for lunch. Seriously - so good. Handfuls of spinach, a cup of milk, scoop of protein powder, 1 frozen banana, some ice, and some chia seeds all blended until smooth. I also took some carrots and a granola bar.

This is the recipe I went to The Swallow Flies to look up: I don't even know if it has a name, but it's what Emmy makes every morning for breakfast. I decided to make it for dinner because Dwight had a meeting and since I was having a healthy eating day...  Dwight had a bite before he left and loved it - so we're having it tonight! The is a big dinner plate, not just a little salad one - the recipe makes a ton. (Or, my favorite measure, a shit-ton. I usually reserve that phrase for work, when measuring how much product we're getting in on any day. And it must be like mother, like daughter, since Emmy uses it too!) This is what it looks like, but for step-by-step instructions complete with photos, click here.

And just in case you thought I was branching out and making new stuff:

Yup. Breakfast.

Time for me to bundle up - no 72-degree weather today. It's 44 with a 30 mph north wind. It is so strong that it knocked a section of our fence over. Granted, the posts were rotting, and we had planned to take it down, but we hadn't counted on having to do it so early. Dwight is out taking it apart, and his lovely assistant will be schlepping boards. Good thing I lift heavy stuff every day at work.


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  1. I love eating a shit-ton of food, especially good food. Yum. Sorry about your poor toes...I know a doctor who might have some tips :)

    1. Yeah, let's put that medical education to practical use!