Saturday, March 29, 2014

random randomness

Here are a few things that aren't enough to make an entire post about in themselves, so they're getting all mushed together.

I follow Pope Francis on Instagram - and he actually posts! Well, probably his minions do it, but I love this guy!

A bad habit I'm trying to break: I leave my shoes scattered all over the house, and then can't find the pair I want. I picked these up the other day - from Uggs to flipflops to slippers to running shoes and a few pairs in between. Golf sandals, flats, tall boots:  you get the picture. The only thing I'm allowing myself to leave out is a pair of flipflops by the front door so I can run out and check the mail. And maybe my slippers by the couch. 

what a slob

Yummy food:

dwight stopped by the asian grocery yesterday

LOVE these!
another find at the asian grocery. omg

Lunch and my favorite lunch bag:

yogurt with granola, water, kombucha, carrots and snap peas (notice the blue ice in the lid?)

packed and ready to go

My game plan today, since the weather is supposed to be nice this afternoon, is to get a long run in (planning on 10 miles). This may be the last spring race that I do; who knew winter would be such a difficult season to train in?!?!

We're going to Oak Hills tonight for Burgers-n-Brews - I'm planning on sitting if I do all that running.

And I'll leave you with this text photo Dwight and  I got yesterday, with the message that "someone loves his nana and papa!" Melts my heart!!!

Happy Saturday!
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  1. Dad needs to buy me some of that kimchi -- if it's sugar-free. Tell him thanks in advance. :)

  2. Somehow I missed this post!! Someone really does love his nana & papa.