Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a shopgirl at heart - redux

Before I get to today's post, a quick update on Wednesday's:  I forgot about another book I just read, this one recommended by Jeanie (someone who reads even more than I do). I read Silver Linings Playbook right before January First, so there was some happy in there. I loved it and now want to see the movie. Dwight has no desire to (????), but as I have no trouble in going to movies alone, I'll be seeing it soon. And instead of starting The Marriage Plot, I'm reading Loving Frank after I talked to Aly yesterday and she told me how much she loved it and keeps thinking about it. As you know, that's the sign of a good book for me!

So you know last month when I wrote a post about being a shopgirl at heart? Well, I haven't mentioned it before, but I have been in the process of applying for a job over the past several weeks. I've exchanged numerous emails and had two 50-minute Skype interviews with two people in the company, and I found out on Tuesday evening that I was offered the position! This middle-aged mom really stepped outside of her comfort zone by even thinking of applying, and I GOT IT!!!

To back up a bit, I wasn't even looking for a job, but as I "like" this company on Facebook, and they're opening a shop in Omaha, out of curiosity I clicked on the link advertising the openings. Listen to this: "Do you make lists for fun? Are you always the organized one?" I couldn't believe it! My superpowers are listed in the JOB DESCRIPTION!!! I start the first part of March, so that gives me a little over a month to obsess about it get any big projects finished, like painting and redecorating our bedroom. And since I only have a little over a month left at the museum, I need to stock up on my faves there while that employee discount is still in effect!

But on to the mundane which is my life (thankfully!), and the real reason I write this blog - to keep me accountable. Yesterday was a treadmill day (ugh) but it is warmer today, and tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice. As I have a 5-miler scheduled, I'm thankful that it will be outside instead of plodding along in our basement.

I changed it up a bit for yesterday's breakfast:

I hate runny yolks so I always break 'em

Lunch was just Wednesday's dinner reheated, but still delicious:  beef tips with peppered mushroom sauce and roasted broccoli. While I made the two to be served separately, I didn't feel like dirtying another dish.

And because I have a sweet tooth:

White chocolate and peanut butter chips

Dinner was weird. Dwight had a meeting so I just poked around and found this in the freezer:

Tastes much better than it looks while cooking
Oikos key lime yogurt, a Vitatop, and two of the veggie "sausage" links. And because it was National Peanut Butter day, I spread a tablespoon on the muffin top.

Breakfast today was a PB bagel, grapefruit, and coffee - something you have seen so many times that I'm just not going to photograph it any more. You're welcome. But lunch was good! I stopped at Whole Foods this morning, and as it was nearing noon, a stop at the salad bar was in order. In the mix: romaine lettuce, tofu, quinoa, and radishes. I brought it home and topped it with Trader Joe's cilantro dressing. And I had a kombucha, something I haven't had for a few weeks and didn't realize how much I missed it until my first sip.

And I picked this up:

Guess which word on the label I didn't see until I got it home? That's right, chocolate. I've never bought this before because it just seems too dangerous. And holy moly, but it is delicious. I had a dot of a taste, and it will be wonderful in oatmeal. And on toast. And with an apple. Or pretty much straight out of the jar. But hey - chocolate is healthy, right?

I'm going to spend some time this afternoon having a calligraphy session. I need to practice a bit as I have a wedding coming up!

We have a low-key weekend planned. The highlight will be dinner out tomorrow with some friends; I have a Groupon to a local Indian restaurant burning a hole in my pocket. (Or my iPhone?)

Anyone have any big plans? Have a great weekend regardless!

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