Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday. Srsly.

I feel like I am getting back onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, not that I ever totally got off, but I may have taken a small detour....

I'm finding with working out, it's all about the old "use it or lose it" motto. After a break around the holiday season, I am back into it full force and it just feels so good. Seriously. Or rather....

Makes me laugh! Every. single. time.

It feels good to get my heart rate up, my muscles are feeling more toned, and my clothes feel better. I know that it goes hand-in-hand with eating healthier. I hate it when those people are right.

This will be a short post, because I have a short window of opportunity to get out to the lake and get four miles in this morning. It's supposed to be warm this afternoon (around 50), but the wind is supposed to be 20-25 mph out of the northwest, preceding a cold front that will only let us get up to the mid 20's tomorrow.

So to keep me accountable - or "showing up", here are a few meals since earlier this week:

Breakfasts (and I apologize - I love breakfast, but I don't change it up too much):

Oatmeal with coconut-almond milk, PB, brown sugar. And coffee

PB toast, grapefruit sections, diet cranberry juice. And coffee

Oats in a jar - the PB in an almost-empty jar gets all melty and delicious. And I'm sure there was coffee on the side.

PB bagel thin, grapefruit sections. And coffee.

An impulse buy from the freezer section at SuperTarget

Surprisingly good. While I wouldn't want it every day, it was a nice change. With grapefruit sections. And coffee.


Green monster with frozen banana, coconut-almond milk, protein powder, greek yogurt, and spinach

Leftover edamame salad with fake crab for added protein. And Coke Zero.

Tuna, hard-boiled egg, capers, mayo on toast. And an apple.


Portion-controlled snacks are so helpful for me!

Edamame salad (edamame, sliced radishes, olive oil, rice vinegar, and cilantro), toast (with REAL BUTTER!), and a mushroom omelet
White chili, apple slices, and some Trader Joes's flax seed vegetable tortilla chips

Leftover white chili, roasted veggies, and milk.

So darn dull. Sometimes I bore even myself.

It's off to Zorinsky!

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