Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy weekend

It never fails. Early on every spring, after I've been outside for a bit gardening, golfing, cycling, or just being in the fresh air, I am always amazed at what great shape I was in at the END of the previous summer, based on how sore I am in the spring. It happened again this weekend. We golfed 9 holes on Friday evening, and I was limping (in my mind, if not actually) by the end. My left hand hurt since the callous has not yet formed on the pad of my palm, and my butt hurt from climbing the hills (I hate you, hole 4. And hole 16 - but I didn't play that till Sunday).

This is our signature hole (#2), NOT taken from our signature photo spot. But isn't it pretty? Made bogey.

But we did have a nice dinner and cocktails on the patio at Oak Hills with Steve and Debbie. I opted for the Greek chicken sandwich, which was basically a grilled chicken breast with veggies on a kaiser roll. The cook must have forgotten the feta, but it was still good. I also chose fruit as my side even though I wanted fries. I guess I wanted the gin and tonic(s) more!

And then on Saturday, after going shopping for new (smaller!) golf shorts, I spent over an hour working in the gardens. I fell asleep on the couch in the late afternoon, and EVERYTHING hurt when I got up to answer the phone! Not only did I FEEL like an old lady, but I SOUNDED like one.

I tried a new recipe for Saturday dinner: Green Gobbler Lasagna from the Abs Diet cookbook. It took almost no time to throw together (maybe 15 minutes), unlike real lasagna. And also unlike real lasagna, it is way healthy. It was really very good, and I'll be making it again. The only change I made in the recipe was to use half ricotta and half cottage cheese instead of all ricotta.




We played 18 holes on Sunday. I still can't believe that it's March, I have been wearing shorts for at least a week, and I played in golf sandals yesterday. And, oh yes, forgot the sunscreen. Not only are my arms burned, but my shoulders, forearms, and hands hurt so bad all night that I kept waking up. Guess I know which muscles I use when golfing! Or else it's the death grip I had on the club...

I had a banana split smoothie again for breakfast. It may be that the Florida Orange Growers Association have me fooled, but I think it tastes like sunshine!

Lunch was a roast beef and spinach wrap with some horseradish hummus and carrots.

I found this on Pinterest; thought it might be fun to change things up a bit. Some old school calisthenics never hurt anyone, right?


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