Friday, March 23, 2012

Dream a little dream

So last night, I was having trouble sleeping - if there are any middle-aged women reading this, you know this is not an uncommon experience. As I was lying there, I started writing a blog post in my head and it was REALLY GOOD. It was articulate and funny; I was seriously cracking myself up. And then I fell asleep. And couldn't remember a word of it when I woke up, not even the theme. So you get this post instead.

But first, a photo of the gecko that Emily brought me from Florida (last year? year before?) Anyway, he is on our fence out by the raspberry garden and is just so happy. Kinda like the weather lately!

But enough of cute yard art. Back to reality. THIS happened this past weekend, and you know what that means:

You are correct! Tuesday's breakfast was Fluffy oats in a jar, courtesy of Carrots-n-Cake. It is still as filling as I remember it to be, so don't be making it if you know you'll be having an early lunch!

Lunch was just some leftover corned beef brisket, an apple, and some nuts. I usually buy Gala apples or sometimes Pink Lady, but I bought Jazz this time. They were really good - crisp and tart. I can't believe that growing up, all we had were Red Delicious. I barely even LIKE them anymore!

Dinner was a big salad: romaine, spinach, grape tomatoes, craisins, pepitas, feta cheese, and a hard-boiled egg tossed with the salad dressing from Katie's. Nothing fancy, but filling enough.

We had a LivingSocial coupon to use, so on Wednesday we went to Baja Grill with some friends. I had the fish tacos, which is what I have EVERY time I've been there. But they're good! And speaking of good: they put a shot of beer in their house margaritas. Sounds weird, I know, but it cuts the sweetness.

Why yes, that IS a 22-ounce margarita!

I found a new kind of chicken sausage at Trader Joe's yesterday:

It has more calories than the Archer Farms ones at Super Target, but it was pretty tasty. That and a large carrot were lunch. I would post a picture, but it was entirely too phallic. Use your imagination.

Yesterday's dinner was something that my friend pinned on Pinterest and I just happened to have ALL the ingredients for it. It's from Martha Stewart, and is Couscous salad with black beans, mushrooms, and corn. I think it's really pretty, too. And it made a delicious lunch today, along with six peanut M&Ms. (Did you know that each one has TEN calories?!)

We're golfing a quick nine holes at 4:30 this afternoon; it will be my first time on the course since my knee scope at the end of last August. It's a good thing we're warming up with nine, as I have a REAL (translation: 18-hole) tee time on Sunday. I cleaned all the crap out of my golf bag the other day and am ready to go.

I have the sneaking suspicion that I may be using my hot stone massage Valentine's Day present from Dwight early next week. As good a shape as I think I'm in, swinging that club - especially as many times as I have to - uses way different muscles. And not to mention walking as far as I have to to reach my ball. It's rarely straight ahead!

I know there will be cocktails and dinner on the patio after golf, though, which will be a nice reward. FYI: I figured out the calorie expenditure for walking nine, pulling my clubs, and assuming we'll play in an hour and forty five minutes. It's a whopping 550!!! The gin and tonic will take care of part of that.

Happy weekend!

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