Thursday, March 29, 2012


It has been a gray day all day today, with storms forecast (which have yet to materialize). It did storm during the night, which led to some restless non-sleep. After a comfort food breakfast of oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, I sat around drinking coffee in my robe as long as I could before I started feeling guilty.

I finally decided it was time to shower and start my day, but I was feeling guilty about not working out so I plopped down for today's Mad Abs March: 42 push ups, 56 crunches, and a 1 minute, 46 second plank. *whimper* I then figured that since I was a bit sweaty, I'd get some cardio in outside. I kept thinking of this:

Since it was supposed to rain, I knew a ride was not in order because I didn't want to be on the trail miles from anywhere when it hit. I decided to just walk the 'hood. I popped in my earbuds and took off. (Have I mentioned how much I love The Hunger Games soundtrack?) I felt so good that when I got back to our house I just kept on going. I think it must be the first time I got an endorphin rush from walking - and I still feel it. I kept a pretty good pace, and with the hills in our neighborhood (check the elevation changes) I got a great workout. As my sister, Jeanie, said, "Walking ROCKS!"


so pretty

I made a smoothie when I got home: 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup plain, non-fat Chobani, 1/2 cup frozen mango pieces, and 1/4 scoop protein powder. I always try to get some protein in me within 30 minutes of working out. My friend Jan wants to know if ice cream counts.

Lunch was a roast beef and spinach salad on a sandwich thin. I used horseradish hummus instead of any mayo or mustard. I sliced a honey crisp apple and had some of my new favorite "chips". You know how I love the Special K cracker crisps? Well, these are BETTER, while having relatively the same nutritional stats. (Thank you, Jeanette!)

Tonight's dinner is steak fajitas, courtesy of my friend, Adie. I was all set to make it last night until, at 5:30, I saw that the meat had to marinate. We had this instead:

I actually wasn't very hungry since I had a pretty filling lunch: chicken lasagna, garlic bread, a chocolate chip cookie, and copious amounts of iced tea. Amy and I were at a luncheon following a Town Hall lecture by Laura Ling. What an amazing woman - I feel like a big ole safe, take-no-risks slug.

not quite sure what the sauce is...

But back to our fajitas. Yum! We had some refried black beans on the side. Since there were only 20 calories difference between these and the no-fat pinto beans, I opted for the black beans. I topped mine with some salsa, while Dwight added cheese to his.

I should warn you about tomorrow's post. Caitlin, who writes Healthy Tipping Point (I love her tag line: "When everyday decisions add up to something amazing"). Anyway, two months ago she started the Naked Face Project, which concludes today. I'll tell you more about the project tomorrow, but she challenged women to post pictures of themselves without any makeup. Be afraid.


  1. Mom, you are always beautiful! You don't need makeup at all!

    1. Honey, you are so sweet! Thank you!