Monday, March 12, 2012


The last few days have certainly flown by! Let's play catch-up:

I tried a new Abs Diet recipe for Friday lunch; the Asian Slaw. The recipe made two servings, but as each one was 142 calories, I decided to eat the whole thing for 284. I have to say that my jaw was a bit tired from chewing when I was done. To make it more of a meal, I think I will add some chicken next time. And eat only half of the salad. Seriously. My jaw was sore.

Emily came home on Friday night, just in time for dinner. I made - once again - the Abs Diet Reubens Made Betta. I would have had something more exciting, but since we weren't sure exactly when she'd make it in, I wanted something that I could make quickly. And the three of us were more than happy to have a glass of wine and some cheese while dinner was being prepared.

We got up on Saturday and decided to go for a run around Zorinsky Lake (the little side). We "ran" 3.6 miles, and let me say that I'm glad I'm not the one training for a marathon. While I was leaning over with my hands on my knees gasping for breath, Emily would run about half a mile ahead, then run back to me. We finished, and I did manage to burn a few calories. Not enough, though, to offset the martinis and Korean food at Maru. If you want to see a picture of the food, you'll have to follow her blog. Or else scroll back a few weeks and see the exact same thing I had then. Quite a creature of habit, I am.

Dwight was kind enough to be our DD

Dwight left for his annual golf trip in Vegas yesterday morning, so Emmy and I went downtown to Jackson Street Tavern for brunch. I had the special shrimp omelet, which was delicious. What's not to love, though: shrimp, goat cheese, and spinach with some hollandaise on top. I could have done without the hollandaise, but I'm glad I didn't. And I'm also glad they used real butter on the toast. I did, however, substitute fruit for the potatoes. Go me. I guess.

I then dragged her to the museum to see our Egyptian exhibit, and she really liked it. Or else she was a good faker. This child had a fascination with Egypt way back when she was in elementary school - she even took a little class in Egyptian art in fourth or fifth grade. She was able to tell ME about some of the stuff.

As Dwight was out of town, Emily had gone back home, and lunch was a whopping 810 CALORIES (oh yeah, I figured it out), I decided to have popcorn for dinner. Who am I trying to kid? I love popcorn for dinner, and have it fairly often when Dwight is gone. (As all our kids worked at Vic's Popcorn during high school, I am somewhat of a popcorn snob. I HATE microwave popcorn, and I only use Orville Redenbacher's white popcorn. That guy knows his stuff. I know. I'm a dork.)

I slept in a bit today; guess I'm catching up from springing ahead. It actually felt really good. When I finally wandered downstairs, I decided to have some cereal for breakfast. I can't remember the last time I had cold cereal. I had Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble - think healthyish granola. It was very good and kept me full forever. I think I'll have it tomorrow before I go to work and see if today was just a fluke or it's for real.

I needed to run some errands today, and as I left the house a little after noon, I knew I'd be hungry and away from home at lunchtime. So I grabbed a Kind bar, a string cheese (Sargento light), and a kombucha. Emily turned me on to this this weekend, and there was about a third of the bottle left.

I have read about it, but this was the first time I tasted it. I guess it's been "used for centuries to promote health and wellness" and is "a new interpretation of an ancient elixir". It has all kinds of "proprietary probiotics and powerful antioxidants", and tastes really really good. The entire bottle is 60 calories. I like it so much that I stopped at Whole Foods and bought a few more bottles.

I had a fun shopping trip: bought some sandals at DSW (yay summer!), some new bras at Soma (if you haven't tried their cami-bras, you should as it saves having to wear a cami under those low-cut tops. I certainly don't need an extra layer!), and some eyeliner at Sephora. It's great being a girl! And at Sephora, I ran into one of Erin's best friends from high school. Andrew works for Clinique and is based out of Chicago, and just happened to be in the Omaha store today. What a nice surprise!

I came home and guess what time it was?

Erin said that the only people who can wear Crocs are children under the age of four and gardeners. And as I am w-a-a-a-a-y past four, it was time to hit the garden for spring clean-up.

And while we're on the subject, look what I found at Costco last week:

I am pretty picky about my gardening gloves, and not only did I find the exact kind I like, but there were six pairs in pretty colors - for cheap! Of course, I chose the ones that matched my Crocs today.

Turns out that gardening is a pretty good workout, which I could have told you by my screaming hamstrings and quivering abs. Not to mention the sweat running down my face. (Cute visual, huh?!) When I got inside after filling FOUR yard waste bags, I was too hungry to cook the veggie lasagna I had planned, so this is what I had for dinner:

A roast beef and swiss sandwich on rye, an orange, and carrots. Mrs. Craig is disapproving - I need some green on that plate. But I was seriously too hungry to even wash some lettuce to put on the sandwich. And yes, that is Kool-aid. (Which was invented in Nebraska, btw.)

And now I'm going to go soak my sore body. I bought some mint-patchouli scented soap today, so now our bathroom smells like Whole Foods. Or a dorm room.


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